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Dear ICA Parents,

I am so thrilled to welcome you and your family to ICA. Over twenty years ago the ICA dream was conceived during a prayer session in my small office on West Sahara. At the time we didn’t own a building or land, and we didn’t have any money. I’ve never heard God’s voice or seen writing on the wall, but that day I clearly had a thought that shook me up: start an academy that will emphasize excellence in all things. It took a truck load of miracles and willing people who gave, taught and led our little school.

We are all so proud of some of the graduates that have gone on to high school, college and careers. So many people have mentioned the common denominator in all our graduates: excellence. Many have become valedictorians, scholarship recipients and award winners. In my opinion there is one more quality that has emerged: they are good people. I’m proud of all our students, teachers and administrators.

This year has also become very significant to me. Cathy Polyak has been chosen as our new principal. I must admit that I saw this coming for several years. After 14 faithful years as a top educator in our school she is ready for the

next step. She’s following two previous principals that were excellent. Bob Mekus had the longest tenure and played a crucial role in making ICA an excellent school. Lisa Adams helped ICA at a pivotal chapter in our history. We are so grateful for their leadership.

Besides our stellar academics and character development, ICA has started a soccer academy that has far exceeded our original expectations. One of our teams has won the league championship two years in a row, and all our players have played significant roles on club teams around our city. It seems like ICA is becoming what it was originally designed to be; a thoroughly international institution with the highest standards of academics, athletics and spirit.

Your commitment and involvement will only make us stronger. It’s my prayer that together we will continue to build ICA. It is an academy that we can all be proud of, and our children and grandchildren will become world changers.

Thanks for partnering with us.

Go Warriors!

Paul Marc Goulet
Senior Pastor, ICLV

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International Christian Academy exists to develop servant-minded leaders for Christ through academic excellence and Christian character.


Our vision is to glorify God by developing and releasing strong leaders with Christ-like character. ICA represents one of the three major influences in the life of each child: the home, the school, and the church. Optimal student success is achieved when this three-fold cord works in partnership.

Relationships are God’s idea for community; therefore, all relationships at ICA are about partnership and discipleship dictated by God’s principles and precepts.


Students will leave International Christian Academy well prepared in all academic disciplines to excel at the next level in their educational career. Standardized test scores and letter grades as well as academic awards will evidence this.


Upon leaving International Christian Academy, students will practice a healthy lifestyle that combines a variety of physical activities and sound nutritional choices.


Students will exhibit a Christian lifestyle as evidenced by: servant-minded leadership, selfless giving, Christ-like character and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


International Christian Academy students will be leaders serving the world with the goal of biblical community and emphasizing mercy, grace, patience and personal responsibility.



I will conduct myself in a manner appropriate for a school setting.


I will take responsibility in all of my actions and interactions both in and out of the classroom.


I will be accountable for all of my words, thoughts and deeds.


I will respect all of the objects and people around me-including myself. I understand that lack of respect can be shown in a variety of ways including verbal and physical.

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