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ICA Preschool Program

The skills below are introduced, built upon and fine-tuned as students transition through our program. Preschool students receive a quarterly report card to track their progress according to their age. Each student will develop skills when they have matured to a level to accept what is being asked of them. Report cards are to give a gauge for the following teacher and for parents. Students can experience life changing events causing dips in the level they perform at academically, socially and spiritually.

At ICAP, we are here to partner with the parents to help each student be who God called them to be. We allow for individually within a structured and loving environment. We teach the whole child. Our students are leaders who are learning skills they will use throughout their lifetime. We understand how delicate and special each student is. It is our pleasure to be a part of each student's life while they are with us at ICAP.

Tuition and fees
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PK2: 2+ years and Potty Trained
PK3: 3+ years by September 30th
PK4: 4+ years by September 30th

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